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After some consideration...

So I got a notice from LJ today reminding me my premium account is up. I bought it with coins I won from Nano awhile back. But now I'm thinking: I hardly ever use this anymore. Most of what I do is writer's block questions. I just don't seem to need this mode of communication anymore.

Also I have my blogger account at pontauchange.blogspot.com which covers the book stuff. and the twitter account @arlnee for more personal stuff. So what function does LJ perform for me anymore?

I signed up for a Dreamwidth account: never used it. Signed up over at Journalfen to be able to comment on fandom wank and etc. Stopped doing that (and feel better nao) Facebook? Get the behind me, satan.

So. My LJ expires in 12 days. I'm going to use one of those programs to download the content and store it; I'm sure there's stuff I'd like to hold onto for some reason. But I just don't see why I should keep open a store with nothing on the shelves, knowwhutImean?

Anyway. If you want still to hear from me, you have links up there. But this store is closing.

Take care, fight the good fight, and maybe see you in the other tubes.


Mammogram came back, they want a more comprehensive test. Got the "there's a node, it's probably nothing" speech.

Shit shit shit shit.

Never tell someone who's first thought is always the absolute worst case scenario that it's "probably nothing."

Kickstarter is now LIVE!

Okay, so I put together a Kickstarter project to help fund my books going back into print and finishing the series. It's here!

If you want to help out, the pledges are small and the rewards are pretty sweet and if I don't make my goal I get no money which makes sad pandas even sadder. And the goal is totally reasonable and the money goes to the production, you're not paying my bills with it.

So if you'd like to contribute every little bit helps, or if you're dead broke like me most of the time, signal boosting is also helping! Just click the link below to begin! Oh and bonus goofy amateurish video of author trying to explain why she's doing this. Don't forget to watch to the end for the outtakes...

Pont-au-Change Kickstarter Campaign

I am a movie star!

Well no, but I did finish my Kickstarter video. And I like it! And I usually hate seeing myself on screen. But it's awesome. Can't wait to inflict it on everyone. Yay!

what happened a couple of days ago

So, I'm not the kind of person who believes in this stuff. Seriously. I'm just going to lay out the facts as they happened.

I got into my mom's jewelry box because I'm totally broke and need to sell just a few more things. I hated to do it but I'm kind of out of options.

I take out her charm bracelet, which is so heavy there's no room for any more charms on it. The charms are from all the places she went to from the mid 80's till the 2000's. They're sterling silver. Okay, I decide to bite the bullet and list it on Ebay.

I'm halfway through listing all the charms that are on it when the computer freezes. I mean locks down. I mean I have to hard boot it with the button and the middle finger. That's how hard that went down. And this computer is only over a year old; it does not freeze. Firefox can freeze sometimes, der... but not the actual computer.

So while I'm rebooting it I say out loud, "okay Mom, I get it, but you better show me where the money's going to come from."

Two hours later, literally, I get my NV Energy bill. I have not paid the electricity bill for two months. I don't know where this month's payment is going to come from, let alone the amount owed.

I look at the bill, and I have a $28 credit.

That's right, not only is the past due amount gone, I have next month's payment taken care of too.

Apparently that was the deposit I paid when I moved in here, totally forgot about it.

But still. Two hours later and I had one bill totally taken care of and then some.

That charm bracelet is going into a shadow box and I'm putting it on my living room wall.

A deal's a deal.


two short films you should see, seriously

The first one used to run frequently between feature movies in the early dinosaur days of Showtime. The theme song is so catchy I still hum/sing it! All of a sudden I remembered it, went to Yahoo, and hey presto!

Embedding is disabled for this one, so, here's the link: The Daisy

The second one is probably one of my favorite animated films ever. And I mean ever. When I was looking for The Daisy I thought "hey, wonder if the other one is there too?" and of course it was because this is the Internet!

People of the journal, I give you: Skywhales

so, this is what I'm doing

That's right, I'm doing another Nano. There's a couple of them this summer, Camp NaNo. Still 50k words, and twice: June and August.

I'm going to use this time to write the last two PauC books.

Yeah, let's see how well this works (sarcasm)

Please feel free to send encouraging words. Because if this works, the entire series may be done before the apocalypse.

"Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back-- Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now." -- Goethe

shut up and take my money!

So, today I learned that Disney, in conjunction with yet another studio they control (in India), are making...

It's the frackin' Mahabharata! India's great epic! My favoritest epic ever! And that includes both Lord of the Rings and Les Miserables! (which are much smaller book btw)

My day has been made infinitely more awesome.

ETA: Just learned, this movie has been in production for a few years now, but Disney has recently acquired UTV (the company that's been making it), so now it's finally getting a release. Don't know the date yet. Or if it will be released outside of India. But if they don't they're making a massive mistake.

Book two is almost done

I am noticing some slight editing changes between the master files and the printed versions of Sanctuary... and it may take longer than I thought to parse between them. I did make a few editorial changes, like that terrible horrible song the kids sing about Valjean and his stalker friend. :-)

Other than that, it's going well! I'm selling more stuff on Ebay to make up the lost pay from being sick, but I'm looking at another $30 for another awesome cover. April is getting better than March! Hopefully May will be better than that, and so on and so forth...

Here's to today being better than yesterday!
Home sick again. Losing money like crazy. This sucks.

I have to figure out something more to do. Can't sell my whole apartment on Ebay...

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